Why Kroger Got This Moms Order

By: Genna Jenkin
The Your Smart Money Moves Mom

Finally…someone listens to what I need. (I just never thought it would be Kroger!!!)

I am an equal-opportunity shopper when it comes to purchasing groceries for my household.  As I attempt to explain to friends and family each establishment fills a certain need.  So you will find me rotating my jaunts to Whole Foods, Publix, Trader Joe’s and Target.  However, it is time in my local Kroger that depicts what a satisfying shopping relationship should be.

I have a very specific set of items that I purchase from Kroger and after shopping there for a month or so I received I lovely surprise.  They mailed me a dozen or so coupons. Now, I am not a coupon clipper, I find that the time it takes is not worth it and the items that are discounted are rarely what I’m interested in purchasing.  Here’s the difference with Kroger.  The fact that they mailed me the coupons makes me swoon.  I much prefer getting something in the mail in lieu of an email that often ends up in my spam account or an annoying text.  I also enjoy the fact that the coupons arrive in a reusable coupon holder.  (Admittedly I am a bit of a luddite and enjoy having the coupons in my hand rather than searching on an electronic device for them.)

The real treat are the coupons themselves.  These are sizable discounts, anywhere from fifty cents to two dollars off and the best part is that these are all the items that I purchase on a regular basis.  They even throw in one FREE item with every bundle of coupons they send.  Again, always something that I’ve bought before, not something similar or a different brand, exactly what I want.  What I need!

Is this so hard for marketers to understand?  I cannot tell you what how validating this is for a consumer.  I’ve set the parameters by buying the items I like from this store and they reward me by giving me discounted prices on these items.  It is a very simple concept and has made me a very loyal customer to Kroger.  I still do “make the rounds” to the other establishments as they’ve all got different things to offer, but no one listens to me like Kroger.  Looking forward to getting my next envelope in the mail!

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