Advice From A Jeweler On Buying The Engagement Ring

Congratulations on your decision to formalize your relationship. Studies show that married people are happier and live longer, so you’re on the right track.

First, allow yourself enough time to think through and understand all the new information that you will be involved with in your search for the perfect diamond ring.

One of your first decisions will be to decide whether to surprise her with a ring or shop together. That will depend on your relationship. There are advantages and disadvantages in each case. A good middle ground and one that will keep you in budget is to let her pick out the engagement ring mounting and you come back to select the diamond. The most important thing is to make the occasion a romantic one to remember.

There are many factors to consider: the shape of the diamond, the size versus quality of the diamond, deciding on white gold or platinum or yellow gold or a combination of the two. Knowing her style will help you to determine a ring that has a contemporary look or one that is more traditional. You can get some good advice from friends and family as well. Matching a ring that fits her lifestyle is the key. Comfort and practicality is always part of a good decision too.

In most cases you need only get the engagement ring and not the wedding bands at the same time. This will save you an additional expense and allow for both of you to choose together, often times having her contribute to your wedding band purchase.

Wedding bands can be purchased 60 to 90 days beforehand depending on if they need to be ordered, engraved or sized.

Another decision will be her wedding gift, usually presented the morning of the wedding to help commemorate that special day and set the marriage off on the right foot. Traditionally it calls for a pearl necklace, although a choice piece of jewelry will serve as a lasting remembrance.

The most important decision is choosing a good jeweler, one you feel comfortable with and who is willing to make a commitment to establishing a long-term relationship with you, your family and friends. A lasting relationship you can count on year after year.

Written By:
Gayle Benator

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  • Mike
    May 28, 2014

    Advice from a married guy: Don’t do it. Buy a Ferrari instead. Cheaper. Always sounds sweet. Forever stunning. Hahaha! I jest…sort of.

  • Lea
    December 1, 2015

    Here’s some advice. Get a very tsutred friend (one that will not spill the beans) like a male friend you’ve known for years, or your father, or someone close, like your mother or sister, to go see her with a ring catalogue.Get them to say they’re looking to buy a ring for their girlfriend/ wife/ friend as a birthday present or something. Get them to ask her opinion. It might take half an hour, but eventually they will probably get some suggestions out of her. This will give you an indication of what she likes. That will help you buy the perfect ring.As for other information, I suggest you see a jeweller. You should also ask for a certificate of authenticity for the diamond, as sometimes they are laboratory made diamonds (still chemically real diamonds, but not dug out of the ground) and you should visit several jewellers, and get several quotes. You could also try a jewellery valuer or an antiques specialist.You can even try online, but be warned. You might not get what you pay for online.You could try buying a second hand ring. It might save you a lot of money if it’s genuine. And it would already have a lot of history. I don’t think there’s any bad luck in having a second hand ring.If getting rings made, do not make them too fancy or personalised. If in the unfortunate event you need to sell the rings at a later date, they will be harder to sell if they are too personalised.I think the rule is that the ring should cost about 2 months income, but you might want to check on that.

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