What’s the financial impact of a mosquito bite?

mr-mister-mosquito-logoAt Mr. Mister Mosquito Control, we believe mosquitoes are the worst creature on the planet. We have data to back it up—mosquitoes are the deadliest animal on Earth, killing over 800,000 people last year and, what’s more, Atlanta, GA was given the title of “American City With The Worst Mosquito Problem.”

So what does that mean to my wallet you may ask?  In the mosquito world, we follow the ROE scale (Return on Enjoyment). All your hard work and all your investments are seen through the lens of increasing ROI. A higher ROI should directly correlate to a higher ROE.  ROE investments like swimming pools, Big Green Eggs, playsets and lake houses should result in a positive ROE.  Simple pleasures like having a catch with your child in the backyard, family dinner on the patio, having a sunset cocktail or lounging for a romantic evening by the fire pit are all outcomes of ROE.

Mosquitoes are the greatest threat to your ROE.  The first mosquito bite can be a nuisance, maybe a 5 or 10 point drop.  But what happens if your family gets 5 bites every time they go outside and they stop using the pool? Now you just have a very expensive water feature! Or, what if dinner on the new patio is unbearable? This is a massive hit on your ROE and pretty soon the pool, big green egg, trampoline start collecting dust and are just another expense

Another market factor that can completely wipe out your ROE portfolio is mosquito borne illness. West Nile Virus can send you to the hospital for weeks. The newest threat is Chikungunya Virus—think of a terrible case of the flu; add joint pain and consider you can have it for the rest of your life. You can read more about the diseases that local mosquitoes carry here.

Clearly, contracting a mosquito-borne virus would cause your ROE to fall to a negative rating. What’s the point of working so hard on ROI if your ROE is compromised?

Luckily for you, there is Mr. Mister Mosquito Control www.mrmr.biz. Our automated misting systems create an impenetrable barrier around your property and act as a force field. Imagine a virtual screened in porch, but around your entire yard—eliminating mosquitoes! They also help with fleas, ticks, spiders, even flies…

Locally owned and operated, Mr. Mister Mosquito Control is here to give you the highest ROE possible.  Call us today for a free quote – (404)941-0720.

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