I Take The Blame

When I called one of my best clients to wish him a Happy Birthday, on his 81st birthday I might add, he started the conversation with “I planned to call you today or tomorrow. You’re getting blamed for something here.” I responded, “I am fully responsible! Now what did I do?”

He proceeded to tell me that he and his wife have been planning something and every time one of them would question their plans, the other one would just say “Mark would tell us to do this.” And they’re probably right. I would tell them to do it.

We then spent the next 25 minutes looking at Google maps of Kuaii and sharing stories about traveling to Kuaii. My clients just rented the house and booked the flights for 10 days on Kuaii with their 2 sons, their 2 daughers-in-law and their 14 year old granddaughter. How awesome!!! I’ll gladly take the blame for this. I say I’ll take the blame because in all of our conversations, I continued to show them how much money they’ll have at age 95, even with conservative investment return projections. Spend the money today and create memories with their kids, especially their granddaughter. Spend the time with them now because we don’t have a guarantee for tomorrow.

I feel that this “balancing act” between live for today and save for tomorrow is good advice for all of my clients, regardless of age. How can I bring perspective so we are taking responsibility for the future without sacrificing the enjoyment of today?

I don’t have THE right answer for you but I do have 32 years of asking questions to help you discover your own right answer.

I’ve asked these clients many many questions over the years that we’ve been working together. I’ve gotten to know them. I am working with one of the sons and his family, yet I also feel I know the other son, even without having met him. All of this because I’ve asked a lot of questions. By me asking questions, these clients can Breathe Easier About Life® regarding their finances. We even had to reschedule our next Progress Review because it fell during the time they’ll be in Kuaii. He was right. I didn’t mind rescheduling that call for after their trip. I look forward to hearing all about the trip.

They are breathing easier about life®. How can we help you breathe easier about your life?


Article By: Mark A. Buhrke, ChFC®, CLU® , Vice President, Private CFO™

About the author  ⁄ Mark Buhrke

Mark Buhrke

Mark grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and spent his junior high and high school years in a small town in Central Illinois. After graduating from Concordia University Chicago with double majors in Computer Science and Business Administration and a minor in Music, he stayed in Chicago until moving to Atlanta in 2002. He’s been helping his clients have more peace and confidence regarding their financial world and estate planning since 1985. He doesn’t bring “the right” answer but he brings 30 years of asking the right questions so that his clients uncover their own “right answers”. Background and qualification information is available at FINRA's BrokerCheck website.

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