What’s Your Biggest Financial Fear?

We’re now hallway through the year. What’s your biggest financial fear? I’ve noticed a lot of people who resist talking to an advisor because they’re afraid of being judged or afraid they aren’t where they feel they should be at this point in their life, regardless of age. There may also be family history regarding the topic of money.

Throw away the judgment and book an appointment. Get clear where you are today so you can take action. Fear leads to no action being taken. This initial meeting is really a job interview, from both the client perspective and the advisor perspective. If we have a fit, great. Then let’s get moving and take action. The decisions today will be adjusted over time but at least you’re taking action. What’s that saying about only a moving bike balances. Take that action and move in the direction of breathing easier about your life.

If there isn’t a fit with that particular advisor, interview another one. You now have more clarity about what you are seeking from an advisor.

Be willing to ask yourself the questions that you’ve been avoiding.

If I’m in this situation and I want to change it, why haven’t I changed it? What is one simple step I can take today to move forward? Just one simple step.

How differently would I feel if I had this area handled in my life?

How much freedom would I have if I delegated my finances to a competent team of professionals?

Now that I have someone holding me accountable, what am I going to do with the time that’s been freed up by not worrying about this anymore?

Am I someone who wants to do it myself and spend my “free time” watching my money, insurance and estate plan or would I rather meet a couple of times a year with someone to review what they are handling for me?

Would I rather delegate all of this and spend that time doing something I really enjoy?

The beauty here is that you get to decide. You get to decide to continue to live in fear, paralyzed with fear about making the wrong decision, or to experience more freedom in your life. Go ahead. Make the call and Breathe Easier About Life!

Article By: Mark A. Buhrke, ChFC®, CLU® , Vice President, Private CFO™
Thank you for allowing oXYGen Financial to help you breathe easier® about life!


About the author  ⁄ Mark Buhrke

Mark Buhrke

Mark grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and spent his junior high and high school years in a small town in Central Illinois. After graduating from Concordia University Chicago with double majors in Computer Science and Business Administration and a minor in Music, he stayed in Chicago until moving to Atlanta in 2002. He’s been helping his clients have more peace and confidence regarding their financial world and estate planning since 1985. He doesn’t bring “the right” answer but he brings 30 years of asking the right questions so that his clients uncover their own “right answers”. Background and qualification information is available at FINRA's BrokerCheck website.

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