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Wedding Bliss On A Budget

When thinking about what topic to write on for my blog post this week, I decided to write about something that I personally learned a lot about this year: weddings. My husband & I got married in April and it was an eye opening experience. Of course I knew the cost of weddings were increasing at an exponential rate, but I had no idea how to navigate these treacherous waters and ensure we made it on the other side without incurring debt. Here are a few tips I learned for my own wedding that will hopefully help you along the way: Venue: Admittedly, I lack creativity and patience. For me, it made sense to go for an all inclusive venue to cut down on stress. However, if you are better at this than I am, look for a venue that will let you express your creative side and make your own decorations. You can also shop around prices for your ...

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Never Worry About a Traffic Ticket Again

We all (well, most of us) have been in this dreaded position before. You’re in the car, listening to music or your new favorite podcast, and you hear sirens. You start pleading: “No, no, no, please not me. Not today.” It is when the police car does not pass you by & the blue lights stick around that you realize a ticket is most likely in your future. Minor traffic violations that result in a ticket are more of a nuisance than anything. Traffic tickets can not only result in an increase in insurance premium, but the most annoying part is often initially when 1) you have to pay an extra expense this month that you weren’t budgeting for and 2) you really just don’t have the time. This is where the new startup TIKD comes in. They know your struggle, and using their own phrase, they want to be your “Traffic Ticket Champion.” You simply enter the amount of ...

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