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Kile co-founded oXYGen Financial in answer to increasing requests from successful young people — Generation X and Generation Y investors, families, and entrepreneurs — for financial planning and advice matched to their unique needs. oXYGen Financial is a financial and lifestyle management company that understands that life isn’t about income statements and balance sheets.

Kile is no stranger to the Financial Services Industry, having spent 15 years as both an executive and financial advisor for the 3rd largest broker dealer in the country. He amassed tremendous competencies in leadership and financial planning through his 15 years of tenure in both of those roles.

After earning his Bachelor of Arts degree from Georgia State University in 1994, Kile joined then, American Express Financial Advisors in Dallas, Texas. He quickly rose through the ranks of his advisor peers and was promoted to his first leadership position in 1997. Promoted to Field Vice President in 2002, he led one of the top offices for Ameriprise the years 2003 through 2006 and was awarded the Ameriprise Outstanding Leader Award in 2006. Through his eleven plus years of leadership, Kile has personally hired and developed hundreds of advisors and leaders. Background and qualification information is available at FINRA's BrokerCheck website.


R.E.L.A.X…..  Aaron Rodgers made this statement several years ago as the famed Green Bay Packers got off to a rough start in their season.  The fans, the local media were all over him, everyone doubting.  Sure enough, as if out of a Disney movie, Rodgers goes on to lead them into the playoffs.  RELAX…ha, that’s easier said than done, so how about adding-  “Stop, Drop and Roll”. There is certainly no shortage of NOISE today: a 24 hour news cycle, social media, expanded media, a dysfunctional political system, the list goes on.  My hope is to give you an easy way to keep your sanity and stay focused on your goals and dreams.   Whether it be fretting over the ongoing political environment, an ‘impending’ market correction, or the latest gripe on social media, Relax – take a deep breath and Stop, Drop and Roll – Early in my corporate life, I was taught the Bucket Philosophy: Bucket 1 are issues/actions ...

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What To NOT Waste Your Money On If You Become Suddenly Rich!

– Ted Jenkin | Atlanta Money Guy Topic: Kile Lewis from Oxygen Financial fills in for Ted today to tell us what to NOT waste your money on if you become suddenly rich! Taped 10/25/16 Listen every Tuesday morning at 8:00 a.m. on ROCK 100.5 | Atlanta’s Rock Station to “Your Smart Money Moves” with The Rock 100.5 Morning Show and oXYGen Financial. Ted Jenkin, CFP® and Kile Lewis, CRPC® are the founders of oXYGen Financial, and our chief financial officers. All your money questions answered Sign Up For His Fun & Casual Financial Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/eBqro Breathe Easier with oXYGen Financial: http://www.oxygenfinancial.net ...

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Will The Robo-Advisor Be Short Circuited?

At a recent conference attended by some of the best and the brightest in the industry, I was amazed at the disparity in views and concerns regarding the rise of the Robo-Visor.  Relax…. Although the technology exists, I can’t imagine getting on a pilotless transatlantic flight just as I can’t imagine the majority of consumers handling all of their investments online. That said, Robo like the discount brokerage firms that “threatened” the financial advisors 20 years ago, is here to stay.  More than anything, this is a clear barometer that investing has become more commoditized.  For the Investment professionals who proclaim themselves as money managers you will certainly have the most exposure for losing clients.  For the financial planning professional I see this as an opportunity as more and more clients desire what I call the 3 C’s.  In today’s fast-paced environment we have learned clients seek far more than just investment advice.  They desire a Collaborator, a Connector, and ...

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Top 10 Questions to ask your Accountant

How long have you been in practice?  Are you a CPA? Will you or someone else in your firm be working on my situation? Do you have a specialty? Are you licensed to offer any financial products? Do you have any formal or informal relationships with other professionals or institutions that I should be aware of? Do you offer advice on tax strategy? How many of your clients have been audited by the IRS?  Results? How many clients do you serve?  Your firm? Do you work with any small business owners? Can you provide me some referrals of satisfied clients? Kile Lewis, CRPC® Co-CEO and Founder oXYGen Financial, Inc. Request a FREE consultation: www.oxygenfinancial.net Related Articles – Top 10 Ways To Tighten Up Expenses For Business Owners, Top 5 Insurance Policies To Avoid , TOP 10 Atlanta LATE NIGHT Restaurants, The Top 10 Most Overlooked Tax Deductions , Top 5 Ways to Help Someone Who Is Unemployed oXYGen Financial, Inc. ...

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Problem – or a PROBLEM!

As I sit this weekend and read more about the oil spill in the Gulf, it becomes more and more apparent to me they really don’t have a solution other than drilling a relief well.  All the other pomp and circumstance they are doing right now is for our benefit so at least we will feel like something is getting done.  With advances in today’s technology, how could we get to this point?  Surely there was a contingency plan, right? Most of us would be just as guilty for lack of preparation in our personal lives.  Who has time to stop and assess?  Unfortunately however, what starts out as a small problem can quickly turn to a PROBLEM!  All of us have heard a story from a neighbor family member or friend, someone loses their job, they have medical issues, bad luck, whatever! When you are done reading this take 5 minutes and ask yourself the following questions: When was ...

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