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My friends and family all think I’m a workaholic, but I say I’m just a guy that loves to help people do better in life.

My mother is still the only one that calls me by my real name Theodore Michael, my wife calls me Teddy, but for the rest of you it is just plain old Ted.

Ever since I was a little kid, I always loved money and being an entrepreneur. In fact, I still have cassette tapes of me talking to my grandmother at the age of five and my mother tells me all the time how much I played with money as a kid...

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Ted Jenkin is a frequent guest columnist for the Wall Street Journal and Headline News Weekend Express. He is the co-CEO of oXYGen Financial. You can follow him on LinkedIn @ www.linkedin.com/in/theceoadvisor or on Twitter @tedjenkin.

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How To Settle Your Money Arguments At Home

Many families worry about their financial plan and whether or not they will run out of money.  Some families are living paycheck to paycheck and trying to figure out a better way to budget their monthly dollars.  However, money arguments are one of the leading causes about why couples ultimately split up.  According to the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysis, 22% of all divorces are caused by money issues.  So, how do you stop those money arguments at home? #1 The Dreaded Spender Saver Couple It is important to try to understand your spouse’s money personality as we all have a unique way we think about money shaped often by how we were raised as a child.   The most critical item for a couple where you have one person who is very frugal and the other who can often be frivolous is to set concrete unified family financial goals.  This means really sitting down and figuring out the financial priorities ...

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When Is The Right Time To Refinance?

With the Fed recently raising interest rates, many people have started to wonder if they should act on the refinance now or wait to see what happens with interest rates.  If you are buying a new home, thinking about refinancing your mortgage, or just wondering where this is all headed, it is a good time to start crunching the numbers and examining the current mortgage you have in place.  So, when is the right time to refinance? Side note: There is “Rule Of Thumb” – the rule of thumb really boils down to a math equation which I will lay out for you here in the article. Question 1: What Is This Going To Cost You? There is always a cost to refinance. Sometimes you will hear on television these deals that say no closing costs or no cost to refinance.  What some companies do is simply roll those closing costs into the newly refinanced loan so instead of refinancing ...

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Is It Time To Do The Holidays In July

It’s July.  Why in the world would we want to start thinking about holiday time in December right now.  One of the biggest financial hangovers people have in their budgets is when they overspend during the holiday season.  Now that we have hit July, I have some smart money moves tips that can put a few of those dollars back in your and maybe even take some of the stress out of your life.  Here are five money ideas for doing Christmas, Chanukkah, or whatever holiday you celebrate with your families in December to save you some money. What’s On Sale Now – When you are out and about at the stores, you should always take a peek at the clearance racks. You might find some cool piece of clothing, shoes on sale, or some piece of technology that is being upgraded to a new version.  For sure, all summer clothes will start to go on sale, so this can be ...

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Five Wedding Gift Ideas For The Modern Day Bride And Groom

Several years ago, I wrote a your smart money moves blog https://bit.ly/2JZfUK4 about what is the right amount to give for a wedding gift.  According to CNBC, the average cash gift for a wedding across the United States is $160 with the state of Vermont the highest at $240 and the state of Arkansas the lowest at $73. Trends are changing this year in how couples plan for their wedding.  Rather than starting with palette, couples are planning out wedding vision boards that capture their vibe and celebration instead.  With the cost of flowers rising through the roof, balloons are being used as a replacement that is colorful, fun, festive, and most importantly less expensive.  Let’s not forget that in the world of social media today, couples are looking for some of those Instagrammable moments including seating card displays and interesting drinks as their guests enter the reception. Here are five wedding gift trends that you need to know for ...

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Should You Buy A Home Before Amazon Makes A Decision

Amazon will soon announce the winner of its HQ2 parade, with one city emerging victorious to get on the back of Jeff Bezos and ride him like Secretariat for the Triple Crown.  There are all sorts of interesting statistics on what an Amazon HQ will do the economy of the city it picks and even recently there were odds thrown out with Boston as the 5/1 to favorite.  If sports betting becomes legal in time in all states, would you take this bet? One financial decision to consider now in the cities that believe they have a chance to reel in Amazon for HQ2 is whether or not to buy real estate betting that prices will soar through the roof like they have in Seattle over the past five to ten years.  The bet is to get in the real estate now before prices explode after the announcement.  It’s almost like betting on an earnings report on Wall Street or ...

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Five Money Moves To Make If You Are Buying Or Selling A Home In 2018

With interest rates creeping up and home sites being built by the droves, many people are wondering what they should do on both the buying a selling side here in 2018.  Is it too late to buy home?  What interest rate is too much? How can I sell my home quickly? What other factors should I watch out for with my real estate?  Here are five money tips on buying and selling homes for the rest of 2018. This Is The Law Of Supply and Demand Supply is shrinking amongst great demand – Remember, real estate is always driven by supply and demand. Depending on where you live, you may want to wait for the bubble to burst before you buy or look for areas in your city that are still gentrifying and try to buy before the big uptick happens in those areas. Monthly Supply of houses is at the bottom range – Monthly housing supply is at five ...

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How Do You Know If Your Portfolio Is Doing Well

Happiness is all about expectations met or unmet.  There have been so many articles written about how to discuss fees with your wealth manager or financial advisor, but very few that talk about the mutual responsibility between the advisor and the client about how to measure performance of your investment portfolio.   This is an important discussion because whether you are managing your money yourself or you turn it over to a professional, the question is do you know how to measure the performance of your portfolio? In 2008, when the S & P 500 had a -37% return, if your portfolio achieved a return of -35% because you were using the S & P 500 as a benchmark would you have been happy?  Conversely, in 2013 when the S & P 500 had a 32.39% return, would you have been happy if you and your advisor agreed that 6% return was the absolute return that was agreed on with you ...

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5 Amazing Technology Gifts For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is less than a week away and word on the street is that spending is up this year.    The National Retail Federation estimated that consumers will spend 19.9 billion dollars on Mom this year in 2018 which is actually down from last year.  If you are counting that is an average of $162.94 per consumer which is $6 decrease from a year ago.  Men will spend more than Mom than women by more than $70!  Being a Mom is a tough job, and we need to all appreciate what Mom’s do throughout the year. Most consumers will acknowledge that appreciation with a greeting card (81.3%), though it appears her loved ones will also look for special gifts. Two-thirds (66.6%) of those celebrating will buy mom her favorite flowers, spending a total of $2.3 billion, and 33.5 percent will look for spring sweaters and blouses, spending a total of $1.7 billion on apparel and accessory items. Mom’s loved ones ...

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Five Money Moves To Make If Your Company Files Bankruptcy

As we get deeper into the calendar year of 2018, bankruptcies are at an all-time high for the retail sector.  In fact, in 2018 store closing are expected to be up 30% and cross over 10,000 retail stores that will close this year.  There isn’t a person you run across today who won’t admit that online companies are killing brick and mortar.  Even if your company says they will reorganize their debt and not officially lay everyone off, it’s probably time you make some smart financial moves now to get your personal financial plan in place.   Make sure you take care of all of your health items- Health insurance is one of the biggest things to be thinking about if your company is filing bankruptcy. What you want to understand is what will be happening with your company benefits. If you do lose your job, do you understand the COBRA rules and the costs? Do you understand what the ...

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