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Don’t Forget the $150 Drivers Education Tax Credit

Who knew? The Driver School License Training Act actually exists.   This is why Your Smart Money Moves is a top ranked blog.  We stay on top of these things so you can improve your bottom line.   You’ll be filing taxes soon, and if you live in the State of Georgia and have a child who took drivers education you can be eligible for this nice little tax credit.   As long as you took courses from a private school, you’ll be eligible for this 2013 state tax deduction. O.C.G.A. 48-7-29.5 (2010) 48-7-29.5. Tax credit for private driver education courses of minors; required documentation; rules and regulations (a) A taxpayer shall be allowed a credit against the tax imposed by Code Section 48-7-20 with respect to the amount expended by such taxpayer for a completed course of driver education for a dependent minor child of such taxpayer at a private driver training school licensed by the Department of Driver Services under Chapter ...

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