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Living a Debt-Free Lifestyle: An Expert Roundup

There are many paths you can take to achieve a debt-free lifestyle. The road you choose depends on your life circumstances, the amount of debt you have, and what you are willing to do to achieve your goal. Debt.com spoke to dozens of debt experts and asked them about their approach to becoming debt free. Check out their advice and their websites to help on your journey toward financial independence. oXYGen Financial Don’t succumb to lifestyle inflation. The absolute key is to make sure you save one-third of every raise you get, and you’ll avoid having long term debt. My other main tip is to never have more than two credit cards. This leads to less temptation and lets you keep a closer eye on debt. –Ted Jenkin ...

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Expertise names oXYGen Financial as one of the top Financial Advisors serving Atlanta

We Looked at 142 Financial Advisors serving Atlanta and Picked the Top 19 oXYGen Financial oXYGen Financial is a consulting firm in Atlanta that offers sound advice “to the X and Y generations.” The company rose in the aftermath of the 2008 crisis, and it now has more than 2,000 clients throughout the country. oXYGen Financial provides online client access, and its blog features interesting posts, such as “What Happens to My Frequent Flyer Points When I Die?” and “Why You Are Such a ‘Poor’ Millionaire?” The team offers a no-obligation consultation https://www.expertise.com/ga/atlanta/financial-advisors#oXYGenFinancial ...

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The Latte Effect: How much could you be saving?

Do you regularly spend a few dollars on everyday things that you could probably live without? We’re all guilty of it but we tend to ignore the bigger picture. Think about it: if you saved the money you spent on small, day-to-day purchases, you could quickly save up a large sum of money that could be better used to benefit you down the road. Get familiar with the latte effect – the idea that unconscious spending on small things each day adds up to a vast amount over time. Change your spending habits While a dollar here and there may seem trivial in the scheme of things – as you can see, those dollars accumulate quickly. That’s not to say, however, that you should cut out all of life’s little luxuries. Pleasures such as medium lattes, manicures and lunches out can be enjoyed in moderation. It’s all about balance and discipline with your finances. Think about your everyday purchases – ...

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