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Is FOMO Making You Poor?

Doesn’t it always seem that your friends or people you used to know are just flat out having a better life than you?  If you tune in to Instagram or Facebook on a daily basis, you’ll find someone who snapped a picture of themselves in a far away luxurious destination or in the front row of the latest concert in town.   With all of these images barraging us every day, does it have an effect on how we think about spending our money. One phenomenon to hit the scene in the past few years is a concept called (FOMO) which is the Fear Of Missing Out.  This is a far cry from (BOGO) Buy One Get One, so please don’t confuse the two of them.   With the power of social media today and the strong suggestions of images, we can often feel like we are missing out in the good times…the fun times…the best of times from what we see ...

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Ted Jenkin – Helps You With Your FOMO!

– Ted Jenkin | Atlanta Money Guy Topic: Ted Jenkin from Oxygen Financial stops by to keep you from losing money due to suffering from FOMO! That’s the “fear of missing out”. Taped 11/3/16 Listen every Tuesday morning at 8:00 a.m. on ROCK 100.5 | Atlanta’s Rock Station to “Your Smart Money Moves” with The Rock 100.5 Morning Show and oXYGen Financial. Ted Jenkin, CFP® and Kile Lewis, CRPC® are the founders of oXYGen Financial, and our chief financial officers. Sign Up For His Fun & Casual Financial Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/eBqro Breathe Easier with oXYGen Financial: http://www.oxygenfinancial.net ...

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5 Steps to becoming a LinkedIn Leader

These days there are so many social media platforms it is overwhelming.  Each service caters to a specific social activity.  When it comes to doing business, LinkedIn stands out at the top of the pack.  If you already have a LinkedIn profile, you know it serves as a kind of online resume.  But if you just hope someone is looking at you, then you are missing out.  No matter what business you are in, using the site to form connections can be a great benefit.  So how do you increase engagement on the site to become a LinkedIn leader?  Try these steps. Request connections/send messages regularly. Spend at least 30 minutes each week searching for new connections to build your network.  Ask your current connections for introductions to relevant people in their networks.  Also look to join groups that will drive the type of connections you are looking for. Send ‘thank you’ messages when you make a new connection. Make ...

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Why Do You Stick Your Tongue Down My Throat?

I recently attended a conference and was able to hear Josh Brogan speak about social media. The entire speech was entertaining, but one statement he made during the speech stuck out to me when he discussed the new world of Linked In. He shared a comment something to the effect of I accept you as a connection and you stick your tongue down my throat. I laughed at first, but then I thought to myself, “What in the world has happened with some basic etiquette?” Since I have roughly 5,000 followers myself, people ask to get connected to me all of the time. Here’s a recent scenario of what happened, and then I’ll share my three very simple tips for LinkedIn etiquette because apparently companies aren’t training their sales people anything except to be robots and just keep clicking the send button. An individual on LinkedIn asked to be connected with me.  I chose to accept the connection (as I’m ...

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