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Breaking Down the Economic Situations of the 10 Countries Most Reliant on Remittance

Although the concept of expats wiring cash to their families in their native countries is certainly nothing new, the sheer degree which money is being sent back is rather staggering. According to a recent remittance report by Forbes, worldwide payments rose by 7% in 2017. This brought the total amount of global remittance payments to a whopping $613 billion. Citing oil prices and rapid currency changes, it appears that the growth of the remittance market won’t be slowing down barring a massive economic shift this year. This begs two much bigger questions, though: which countries are most impacted by the need for such payments and why are they a necessity in the first place? After all, these expats aren’t just sending money back home: they’re potentially losing a cut of their income in the process. As noted services such as Remitly, which provide streamlined remittance services for countries around the world, the cost of such payments can quickly get eaten ...

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Six Things That Will Cost You More Money In 2016

Inflation appears to be one of those financial statistics that on paper is defying gravity.   According to www.inflationdata.com, the inflation rate last year was less than one percent and in some months of the year it was actually negative.   For many of us, the inflation numbers may say that prices are staying flat or even going down, but when we hit the check out register our wallets tell us another story.  While some prices may stay flat in 2016, here is your smart money moves guide to six things that will cost you more money in 2016. COLLEGE- While inflation has been hovering around an all-time low, many of the major colleges and universities have increased costs in the five years in the 6% to 7% range.  Just check out this historical cost of college from the University of Tennessee showing just how steep the increases have been over the past thirty years. http://onestop.utk.edu/files/2015/10/tuition_fees_history.pdf.  Since this is about supply and ...

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10 Things That Annoyed Me In 2015

There are things that annoy all of us.   Don’t you wish you could just make a list so you could go off on some Dennis Miller like tirade of things that just set you off?   They say as you get older, that more things make you cranky.  I’m not sure if that is accurate or not, but here is the official list of 10 things that annoyed me in 2015. Alex Trebek- We watch Jeopardy many nights, and frankly I’m sick and tired of Trebek’s smarminess acting like he knows every answer known to man. Pretty easy with a cue card.  The worst of it is when he made fun of a guy who won the show twice from Nashville, TN, letting the audience know that even though he talks slow he still knows his stuff. Taquerias and Burger Places- Enough is enough. How many ways can you make a taco or a gourmet burger?  I would easily trade in ...

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