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Small Business and HealthcareEVENT INFORMATION
Everyone can agree: The Affordable Care Act is going to have a major impact on businesses, even businesses smaller than the 50 employee threshold that mandates compliance. Join us for an informative webcast as we dive into the Affordable Care Act. Financial experts Ted Jenkin and Kile Lewis will share their insights into how small businesses and business owners can be better prepared for coming changes, including: the kinds of plans that will be available to small businesses, potholes to avoid as the law goes into effect, common sense cost control measures, and tax strategies and credits that may be available. They’ll also shed light on questions many business owners are asking, like “ Should I join a PEO?” and “What is the minimum my business needs to do right now?” Whatever the future holds, you need the knowledge to craft a plan for your business that will help you adapt and thrive. Join us for Success Saturday!