I am always searching for websites where I think you can get a deal or two during the year. Last year I talked a bunch about www.1saleaday.com, and hopefully you scored a deal or two on that website. One website to add to your favorites this year and check daily is www.yugster.com. Yugster offers a daily favorite deal, a watch deal, a yours until gone deal, and will offer other season deals. Every day a new product goes on at 6am EST and when it is gone, it is gone. Here is the trick, if you become a Yugster, you get that offer a day before everyone else. Just log in and you see today’s Daily Offer for the public and today’s Sneak Preview Offer (which is tomorrow’s public offer, assuming it doesn’t sell out). Once you are a registered Yugster, you can also receive several emails per week giving you a heads-up to what we are selling that day ...

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10 Ways To Reduce Your Credit Card Debt

Those that end up being wealthy don’t make it a habit to revolve debt on their credit cards. If you have a goal this year to get rid of your credit card debt, here are 10 ideas to help you get rid of the plastic hangover. Pay The Credit Card With The Lowest Balance– Even though some credit cards may have a higher balance, putting a check mark in the win column by paying off just one credit card will get you fired up to pay off another. Pay Cash For Three Months– If you walk into a grocery store or a department store with cash, you can only get as far as your wallet will take you. By physically not using a credit card for three months, your habits and how you think about money will begin to change. Switch Your Credit Card Debt To A Lower Rate– If you can qualify for a zero balance credit card transfer ...

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