Would You Spend Less Than $100 On An Engagement Ring?

Buying an engagement ring can be an emotionally draining purchase. For most people, it’s more than jewelry: It’s a symbol of love and affection and of the serious commitment they want to make to a lifelong partner.  For years, it’s been bandied that the diamond industry spearheaded this notion that you have to spend 3 months of your salary on an engagement ring.  As we have witnessed millennials and now generation Z changing the way we do many things in their lives, are they going to change what we spend on engagement rings?  How much is love worth? In a recent study that was one, here is what late-stage millennials and generation Z had to say about engagement rings:  Engagement rings should cost… Less than $100: 11 percent of Gen Z and 8 percent of young Millennials  Between $100 and $999: 43 percent of Gen Z and 31 percent of young Millennials  $1,000 to $2,499: 28 percent of Gen Z ...

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5 Father’s Day Gifts For Under $100

Father’s Day is right around corner and it’s always hard to figure out what to get for Dad’s. Skip the socks, ties, golf attire, and homemade gifts, and take a look a few ideas that I put together for under $100. Dad is sure to love these and remember to say you heard about it from Your Smart Money Moves. Chillsner ($19.99)– We all know how much Dad’s love an ice cold beer. Especially now that the craft beer revolution is happening. This is a great gift so dad can simply drop this in his favorite IPA and within just a few minutes have an ice cold one ready to go. Carnivore Cookbook ($27)– Do you know how many Dad’s have tried the Paleo Caveman diet? Remember, your dad probably isn’t hitting the latest recipes on Pinterest, so check out Michael Symon’s cookbook on meat eating meals you can make at home. Tarantino XX ($90)– Can you believe it has ...

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