4 Tax Law Changes We Need To Make Permanent

With the presidential election beginning to heat up in America over the next several months, we are all going to hear a lot about income taxes.  We all know that with thousands of pages of tax code, it is impossible for the average citizen to really understand all of the different ways they can save money in taxes.  There are many tax law changes set to take effect in 2013.   If I had the opportunity to set the wheels in motion to make some tax law changes that would be permanent and easy to understand, here are four of them that I would recommend we change to become permanent. 1. Social Security Taxation –   From the day you begin working and earning waged income, 6.2% of your paycheck (the last couple of years 4.2%) goes toward your future social security benefits.    This is also known as your Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) tax.     You only see the 6.2% that comes ...

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Can you name the 18 small business tax cuts?

It’s hard for all us not to get political during an election year.    In the next several months you’ll see more negative mudslinging between the Presidential candidates in a war of negativity and word twisting that I don’t believe we have ever experienced before.    Since I am a small business owner, one of my points of view during this election is to look out for and inform other small business owners.    Since I think small business owners will be the real engine of job growth over the next four years, owners need to really look closely at what the candidates are proposing to do to support the growth of small business. It’s funny to me that all we hear about is that over the past four years there have been 18 small business tax cuts by the current administration to drive small business growth.  If you try to Google the 18 small business tax cuts, you’ll find out quickly that ...

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