3 Simple Ways To Live The Frugal Life

These past few years we have seen a high level of unemployment, countless numbers of foreclosures, and many American citizens hitting hard times.  While many people are learning how to make ends meet, there can often be a struggle with how to have fun and live frugally at the same time.   Since many people define frugally different, I think about the term frugality by using phrases such as ‘economical’, ‘avoiding waste’, and ‘careful and diligent in the use of resources’.   Being frugal is about making good business decisions rather than the popular image of being cheap.   If you are thinking about entering the frugal life, here are three ways to begin thinking the right way about smart money decisions. Don’t be the first adopter of something ‘new’ – One really easy way to blow a bunch of money is have to be the first to own a new product when it hits the market place.    A good example of this ...

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You Don’t Need 3D TV

I have been seeing all of these commercials as of late on how you can have 3D TV in your home.   Let me be the first to tell you that you simply don’t need this technology for the price tag it will carry. I think I saw my first 3D movie in 1981 called Coming At Ya’ which was a Western style type movie with objects seemingly rolling out of the screen and into the movie seats.  Remember, the Friday the 13th installment that was in 3D?  There was nothing cooler than having those red and green 3D glasses, and only every once in a while did a new 3D movie come out in the theaters.  Now, for an arm and a leg you too can take your family to see one of the many cartoon fantasies on the big screen.  No red and green classes, but certainly some cooler special effects. Now, I want you think about this.  Why ...

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