Should You Ever Borrow On A 401(k)?

For some of you a dreaded financial question may stare you in the mirror at some point in your life. Should you borrow against your 401(k)? While all initial responders in your body say no, there could be a few instances where borrowing against a 401(k) may actually make sense. Here is my smart money moves take on when to make yourself a loan. In general, it is not a smart financial move to borrow against your 401(k) plan. There are many individuals who are quitting their job and considering starting up a new business. In order to start their new entrepreneurial venture, they will likely exit from their current employer. The additional problem is where will the new entrepreneur find the capital to open up their new business? Instead of cashing in your old 401(k), one tremendously creative option to potentially fund a new business is to set up your new corporation and create a Solo 401(k) plan. Solo ...

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When Your 401(k) Makes A Change On You

In the past year, many of our clients have seen changes made to their 401(k) plan.   These changes may happen from two separate businesses merging, your employer trying to save costs, or simply a change of funds within the existing 401(k).    Usually, you will get either an electronic or written notification of these changes.   The problem is that most 401(k) participants usually don’t take the time to read the changes which can affect the overall performance of your largest retirement asset.   Here are three things to watch out for when a major change gets made to your 401(k) plan. Be aware of the mapping process –  The idea of having a map or a Garmin is to get specific directions on the most efficient way to get from point A to point B.   When your existing 401(k) plan merges into a new 401(k) plan it will go through a process called mapping.  What generally happens is that the new 401(k) ...

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Is A Roth 401(k) Right For Me?

Since 1997, Roth IRA accounts have been around as an investment vehicle. In the past several years, participants at many work places have been offered the opportunity to do a Roth 401(k). Readers have e-mailed me over the past year about whether or not the Roth 401(k) is a good idea. The Roth 401(k) follows many of the same rules as your current Traditional 401(k). There are two very large distinctions between doing a Traditional 401(k) and a Roth 401(k): 1) How contributions are taxed – In a traditional 401(k) plan, all of your contributions will be put in your plan on a pre-tax basis.  Thus, your reportable w-2 income at year end will be lowered by the amount of Traditional 401(k) contributions that you make over the course of the year. In a Roth 401(k), your contributions will be taxed now and put in your plan on an after tax basis.  Thus, you will have no change in your ...

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