I Need A Pension Plan

We know that for years that planning for retirement was a three legged stool.   Pension plans, social security, and then whatever personal savings and investment plans you could muster up over the course of your lifetime.   With a great deal of uncertainty looming over social security and pension plans dwindling away from large corporations, I continue to stress to people that retirement planning feels more like a pogo stick than it does a stool. Product companies understand that the greatest way to attract customer is figure out how to fill a void in the marketplace.   As investors struggle to figure out the best way to plan for retirement, a fairly new type of fixed product has been gaining traction called a Deferred Income Annuity (DIA).   A deferred income annuity is a newer type of annuity that is essentially a mixture of a single premium immediate annuity and a single premium deferred annuity. With a DIA, the idea behind the vehicle ...

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VIDEO | Is It Too Late To Begin Saving For Retirement?

Published on Jul 24, 2012 FULL ARTICLE – http://bit.ly/Mj5qvS – You are 45 years old and it dawns on you that your college days are looking further and further in your review view mirror and you can see the exit sign for retirement not too far down the road. As you sit down at your kitchen table to really assess your overall financial situation, you begin to ponder the life and financial mistakes you have made. You wonder to yourself, “Should I even bother trying to save? Is it too late for me begin saving for retirement?” ...

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