7 Tricks You Still Fall For At The Grocery Store

Grocery stores have turned into much more than grocery stores today.   They don’t just sell us frozen foods, vegetables, meats, and bread, but today they have become a virtual cornucopia of products and services that range across many different spectrums.  However, at their core, grocery stores aren’t much different than taking a trip to the Wynn in Las Vegas.  They are there to separate you from your money.  As I try to look out for you as a consumer, I thought I would give you the seven best tricks I see grocery stores employ today and how you can become a smarter shopper at the store. Dairy Is In The Back – You might think the reason that dairy products are the last thing you buy in a grocery store is because you don’t want them to get too warm before you check out, but the reality is that dairy is typically in the back or the last aisle because ...

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