Just One Pen Pal Letter . . . Please

Bills.   Nobody likes getting them in the mail and it’s even less fun for people to have to sit down over the weekend and pay them.    It’s part of the reason why on line bill paying has become so successful.  It isn’t just the fact that the whole process is much easier, but now that bills can be delivered electronically you don’t have that extra pain of opening up the envelope wondering just how much it’s going to be this month. If you are married or have a partner, usually one of you ends up being the main person that pays most or all of the bills.   You get that distinct pleasure of seeing cable, gas, electric, and credit card bills where you put most of your expenditures. Most of us, including me, for some bizarre reason look forward to getting the mail out of the mailbox to see what we get every day.   I don’t really know what we ...

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