How Marketers Manipulate Us To Buy More Stuff!!

Did you know that the highest paying job in America is and will always be marketing?  That’s right.  No matter how good your product is, it all doesn’t matter if you can’t get people to line up and make a purchase.   Marketers are smart.  Marketers are cunning.  Marketers (well some of them anyway) have learned the secret sauce that makes us want to buy more stuff even though we don’t really need it or even want it!   If you pay attention, you can learn the tricks of the trade but here are three ways that marketers learn how to separate you from your money: We Don’t Buy In Absolute Terms–   In one of my favorite books, Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely, he discussed the theory of relative pricing vs. absolute pricing.   Don’t confuse this with the idea of presenting you with three choices knowing that you’ll likely pick the one in the middle.  In the case below of the Economist ...

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Personal Finance 101 – What Is A Buy-Sell Agreement?

For many business owners, the value of their business is one of the largest components of their overall net worth, and the business itself is the result of years of hard work and investment.  Most business owners want to preserve the built up value of the business for themselves and their family while also ensuring that the business legacy they have helped create continues for years to come.  The best solution is a well-considered Buy-Sell Agreement. A Buy-Sell Agreement is a contract entered by owners of a business that specifies when and how ownership in the business will be sold or transferred.  The agreement can be a stand-alone agreement or incorporated into a partnership or operating agreement for your business. Buy-Sell Agreements are not “one size fits all”, so careful attention should be given to the details. Most business owners have heard of the importance of a good Buy-Sell Agreement, but many push this planning to the “back burner” to ...

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