When Can I Hire My Kids In The Business?

When you run a small business, you often look for almost any tax deduction that you can take off your bottom line that has a legitimacy when it comes to filing your taxes. For most business owners, there is always a blurred line between your personal life and your business life. Often, your children end up getting involved whether it comes to running errands, filing papers, or even assisting with your company Facebook page. So, the big question is when can your hire your children in the family business and how do you document this when it comes to filing your taxes? I truly believe that one of the most underutilized tax deductions for small business owners is getting their children engaged in the family business. By placing children (or even grandchildren) on the payroll who are under the age of 18, you can create a great opportunity to take advantage of something called income shifting. Your company can hire ...

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Can I Convert My 401(k) To A Roth 401(k)?

This past week Congress passed the Small Business Jobs Act Of 2010. While there were many interesting parts to the bill including changes to how employee cell phones are viewed and accelerated write offs for business owners, one of the very intriguing parts to the bill is the conversion of your existing 401(k), 403(b), or 457 retirement plan. If your employer has a Roth 401(k) provision, (which if they do not currently you should really complain to your HR or Benefits person) you may be eligible for a potentially good long term tax management idea. Generally your employer must have a Roth 401(k) source in the plan, allow in-service withdrawals, allow rollovers, and have the Roth provision in the plan to be able to take advantage of a conversion. 2010 is an especially meaningful year because no matter what level your income is this year, you can convert some or all of your 401(k) (403(b), 457) over to a Roth ...

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