Six Important Lessons For Every Entrepreneur

Most people daydream about the idea of running their own business.  The freedom to have no boss, set your work hours, and control your own financial destiny.  However, running your own business doesn’t come without taking on some bumps and bruises.   Here are ten important lessons that every entrepreneur should keep in the back pocket. Entrepreneurs Are Always Overly Optimistic-  I often use this phrase with the works; irrational exuberance.  Be very careful of letting your own rose colored lenses cloud the quality decision making your company needs based upon the facts. Measure Twice And Then Measure Again- No matter how many pro forma sheets you run and how many classes you sit through, nothing can prepare you for the certainty of uncertainty.  Make sure to margin for error in the beginning. If It Doesn’t Smell Right, Don’t Do It- You’ll have lots of salespeople wanting to sell you different solutions or products for your business.  If they don’t pass ...

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