Don’t Be Fooled By Hillary’s Small Business Plan

I usually don’t read the USA today, but I happened to have a chance to read an article recently (http://usat.ly/2bVCjaz) about Hillary Clinton’s plan to be the President for small business owners.   I was intrigued by the article to see what real change might be coming and as an entrepreneur of many businesses I quickly realized that the proposal was something that only the Stay Puff Marshmallow business person would actually gain any benefit from currently.    Here are the points from the article and then I’ll share on each point my insights on what meaningful proposals could really truly help small business owners do better.  BTW, I haven’t really seen any proposal from Trump yet at all but I do know what I hear from local owners every week Hillary Proposed Problem: Citing licensing and other burdens, Clinton’s campaign says it takes longer to start a business in the U.S. than in countries such as Canada or Denmark.  I laughed ...

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Will Big Insurance Companies Need A Financial Bailout?

With the deadline looming right around the corner on January 31st to sign up for health care coverage through open enrollment, many people are being hit with sticker shock on what it will cost to carry individual insurance. While it was bandied about that costs would go down when the Obamacare system rolled out, individuals and families across small businesses and large corporation are continuing to see their premiums spike. United Healthcare recently announced http://cnnmon.ie/1lHDU41 that they could lose 1 billion dollars through Obamacare from actual results in 2015 and projected losses in 2016. So, will big insurance companies ultimately need a bailout? The first question revolves around the pressure being put on the system. Why are premiums continuing to go up? There are more people in the system- There are so many different reports on exactly how many of the uninsured actually got insurance, but what we do know is that nobody can be denied coverage. Many of those who were uninsured had serious ...

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Will The Internet Change Medical Prices?

There was a time that when it came to buying our electronic devices, we would simply go to our local electronics store.   Then, the onslaught of electronics superstores came at us like Best Buy, Circuit City, and Fry’s giving us a virtual cornucopia of electronic choices.    In the late 90’s and then into the early 2000’s, the internet changed the game with websites like Buy.com, Next Tag, and Amazon where we could price compare quickly as consumers.   Between the internet and smart phones today, information is at our fingertips to quickly compare and contrast the pricing on whatever electronic devices we are potentially going to purchase. As most of us know, the health care landscape has changed over the past several years and should change dramatically when we get into 2014.   When January 1st comes, the most popular part of health reform will be the concept of guaranteed issue.   This means irrespective of pre-existing conditions health plans must be available ...

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