Five Things You Need To Know Before You Buy Your Next Airline Ticket

There are certain purchases in our lives that always seem to be nerve-racking.  Buying a home, buying a car, and how about pressing that button to officially purchase an airline ticket.  While you are truly excited about that skiing trip in Vail or your next worldwide adventure starting in Amsterdam, you might just be concerned about whether or not you got ripped off on the airfare.  Sometimes, it may feel like the airfare websites are tracking your IP address just jacking up the prices until they squeeze you in or out of buying that ticket. So, here’s the insider’s guide to five things you should know before you purchase that next ticket. Non-Stop Is Cheaper Than A Connector Flight – Actually, here’s an interesting tip. Sometimes, booking two one-way flights might be cheaper than booking the round trip, and that is where I recommend you start the search. What airlines care about most is that their flights are full. Look ...

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