Why Your Kid Needs To Be On Social Media

I knew as soon as I wrote this title that it seems to defy Jenkin logic. Why in the world Ted does my kid need to be on Social Media? With all the Instagramming, Facebooking, and Twittering, do I really need my child exposed to more technology and creepazoids who are trolling the Internet? My general thought around this has historically been no, but it is becoming increasingly hard to avoid the allure of freebies that can come by simply being plugged into social media. For those that thought this was a fad, you are quickly seeing a transformation around the future of how our children will do much of their communication. How is it possible that having your kids connected to social media can make them more smart money moves in their life? Here are three examples of how this change occurs: Example 1: BurgerFi (In Restaurant Giveaways)– For the past few weekends, my family and I have tried ...

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