What Happens To My Frequent Flyer Points When I Die?

When a loved one passes away, there are often many financial matters to deal with in the estate planning process. Often, you have to deal with collecting life insurance policy proceeds, closing out bank accounts, and dealing with the transfer of IRA and 401(k) accounts. In most families, there is also lots of discussion over possessions including automobiles, jewelry, or other collectibles. But, what about all of those frequent flyer points? Will they continue on to a beneficiary or just drift away into a black hole of frequent point oblivion? Before we discuss various programs and what the potential outcomes are at death, let’s talk about some best practices. Most families don’t even really track their miles or points. This is why we encourage people to use the online personal financial dashboard with oXYGen Financial because you actually have the ability to track all and any point programs to know exactly what you have. It’s not a great idea to ...

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Joe vs. The Volcano

For those of you who have had friends, family members, or business colleagues held up by the recent Icelandic volcano ash, you may wonder what the outcomes might mean to your wallet. Well, just recall recent history that the airlines are the Volcano and we are Joe.   When gas prices got high the airlines decides to start imposing all sorts of additional fees most of all the baggage fees.  These fees started out for extra baggage until the airline companies realize that they could just start charging normal customers baggage fees just for checking in a bag (not Southwest!).   I guess we all thought when gas prices went away, we would see those fees go away.   No way, not when they add the bottom line of the airline companies. Now, with recent massive cancellations and delays from the volcano ash spreading over Europe, I suspect that you will see part two playing at a theater near you soon so the ...

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Share A Taxi And Save Money

I recently stumbled across a cool website call www.taxi.to. Here is how it works. You enter your travel information including name, e-mail, flight number, date of travel, and destination city. The systems then links up to find individuals who are looking for taxi transportation in the same place where you are looking for a taxi. ...

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