Does Facebook Make You Spend More Money?

Our imagination is the most powerful thing that we all have in our possession.  Seventy-nine percent of smartphone users check their phone within 15 minutes of waking up, and the most popular time of day for using Facebook is in the evening. About half the time is spent on the news feed. (source bizjournals.com).  Every time we look at these pictures and newsfeeds during the morning and evening, pictures conjure up images of our friends having the time of their lives.   It makes us all take quick stock of measuring up our own lives against the visuals we see in Facebook.   So how does Facebook make us spend more money? The Vacation I Always Wanted– Facebookers are obsessed with taking pictures of their vacations by the beach, in another country, or on a cruise with the kids.   Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we often ask ourselves this question.  “How are these people finding the money to enjoy ...

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The Drug Of Buying ‘Stuff’

The weather is warm and in the United States we are about to start enjoying some of the national pastimes of our country.   We love things like baseball, apple pie, the 4th of July, and grilling out in our backyards.    Oh yeah, and we also LOVE spending money.    In recent years, I’ve noticed that spending is more than just making a purchase here and there.  It’s almost a ‘crack’ like addiction, whether you wait for that Amazon package at the door or to take a photo of your tricked out new ride to post up on Facebook.   Like it or not, many Americans are addicted to the drug of buying ‘stuff’.    Why is this and how can you get your patterns changed on the home front? It seems pretty apparent that ease of access to drugs can make a user want more of them.  In our spending patterns, the ease of credit, access to our cash, and online transactions with ...

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It’s Un-American

Since I write mostly on financial advice, investment, tax, and insurance products, from time to time I like to just have a chance to rant.   Really, just to share some observations about life or what I see going on in America today.   As of late, I have noticed a handful of things that just seem to be missing the spot in the spirit of American tradition. Recently, I went to a concert and saw Journey and Foreigner play which was really a treat with the exception of the new lead singer of Journey.  The music sounded just like the old Journey, but it wasn’t quite the same without Steve Perry.    The thing that really got me since I haven’t been to an outdoor concert in a while is when it came to the songs where typically people hold their lighters up in the air.  However, instead of lighters what I saw were a bunch of camera phones with a picture ...

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