Three Reasons NOT To Lease A Car

Ownership is still one of the greatest feelings in the world.   I’m not talking about a house you have with a big mortgage because you really don’t own it yet.  The day you pay that puppy off will truly be cause for celebration.  It’s a feeling that less than the majority of people get to experience in America.   When it comes to your automobiles, I’m a much bigger fan of owning versus leasing.   The one time in my life I had a leasing experience back in 1993 with my Nissan Altima, I felt like an upside down pineapple cake by the time it was all said and done.  Since that purchase, I will only buy used cards and I will only own them.  Here are three reasons why NOT to lease a car. The Mileage Limit– When it comes to leasing a car, you need to make sure you always read the fine print.   Typically, the lease will stipulate some ...

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You Need To Check More Than The Carfax

I think those commercials with the CARFOX were cleverly designed to get consumers thinking about the importance of checking the CARFAX. The CARFAX can tell you all of the information about history of the car so you don’t run the risk of buying a used vehicle with tons of hidden problems. With modern technology, newer cars have more and more gadgets within them. When you buy a used car that has many of these technology amenities, you need to make sure you ask the dealer or the prior owner about all of the accessories that may come with your automobile. If you don’t, you could run the risk of having to shell out a hundreds of dollars of additional cash to buy replacement items that should have come with your used car. I have three kids, so I like the idea of one of our automobiles having a DVD player in it for those long car rides we take on ...

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Should I keep my old car or buy a new one?

I get this question all the time, especially in Atlanta where people are car conscious. The debate around how long to keep the old car you have been nursing the scratches and bruises versus getting the latest and greatest new ride to put on the highway. Take the emotions out of it, and I can give you some sound advice around how long to hold on to the clunker. Remember, the car you buy (unless it is a collector’s item) is one of the sure fire assets to constantly depreciate on an annual basis the moment you take it off the lot. However, here are some thoughts you should consider before you make the plunge. Compare your current overall repair and maintenance bills versus the cost of the new car payment. While a new car will have some maintenance on a yearly basis, you really need to compare the total annual cost of all of your repair bills versus the ...

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