The Drug Of Buying ‘Stuff’

The weather is warm and in the United States we are about to start enjoying some of the national pastimes of our country.   We love things like baseball, apple pie, the 4th of July, and grilling out in our backyards.    Oh yeah, and we also LOVE spending money.    In recent years, I’ve noticed that spending is more than just making a purchase here and there.  It’s almost a ‘crack’ like addiction, whether you wait for that Amazon package at the door or to take a photo of your tricked out new ride to post up on Facebook.   Like it or not, many Americans are addicted to the drug of buying ‘stuff’.    Why is this and how can you get your patterns changed on the home front? It seems pretty apparent that ease of access to drugs can make a user want more of them.  In our spending patterns, the ease of credit, access to our cash, and online transactions with ...

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VIDEO | How To Rollover Your 401k

Published on Nov 19, 2012 Why do you need to know the details on how to rollover an old 401(k) plan? FULL ARTICLE HERE – http://bit.ly/UP7gZK – The average person holds 11 jobs from the age of 18 to 44, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and for many of us that means 11 or more workplace retirement accounts. Because not all employer plans require you to leave the plan when you leave the company, you could end up with several, disparate retirement accounts. I like to use the analogy of being a babysitter when it comes to orphan 401(k) plans. Every time you leave an old an employer and start with a new, essentially you leave a child in a backyard. If you move between three or four different jobs over five to ten years, that means you’ll have several kids in several different backyards. The real question is how will you be able to babysit all of those kids and ...

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The Lifestyles Of The Rich and Famous

I hoped the title of this article would grab your attention because it is really about you and your neighbors.    This article is about you and your friends from college.    It is about you and your family members.   It is about time that we all say enough is enough and drop that front we are all putting up about how we can keep up with the rich and famous.  That we can keep up with what our neighbor’s are doing with these lavish kitchens, movie rooms, and fancy backyards.   That we can match everything that all of our college friends are doing financially.    The modern day rich and famous have led many people in mainstream America down the path of struggling and not so famous.   Yet, we hide behind our egos just to make sure nobody knows the real situation. I get the luxury of seeing hundreds of financial cases every year which is why I wanted to write this ...

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