What to Do When You’re Robbed on Vacation

Heather Godsey was 600 miles from home when her wallet was stolen in a restroom. Godsey, from Joliet, Illinois, usually travels with half her cash and one or two credit cards at her hotel—but not on this trip. “I broke my rule at the wrong time,” she says. At least she had some rules. To prepare against an unimaginable hassle, you can take precautions before, during, and after your travels. Want more travel tips? Check out these stories. • 12 Sneaky, Slimy Travel Scams • Staying in Touch, Wirelessly (International Rates Don’t Apply) • 4 Ways to Make Calls from Overseas on a Dime Before You Go Plan on traveling light—on the finances. Keep just three or four things in your wallet: cash and traveler’s checks, a driver’s license, an American Express card and another credit card, says Ted Jenkin, co-CEO/founder of Georgia-based financial-services company oXYGen Financial. Julie Sturgeon, owner of Indiana travel agency Curing Cold Feet, suggests photocopying your ...

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