What Not To Eat In Your Car

The exciting part of writing my own blog is that I get to comment on a few silly topics from time to time. Most of these come from observations I have just watching people through the daily trials and tribulations of life. Having been in and around salespeople the past 21 years, I have witnessed many a salesperson trying to fit in a lunch or dinner while driving on the road hustling to make it to their next appointment. Sometimes at the end of the week, you can ascertain pretty quickly where you stopped to eat by checking out the stains on your clothes as you bag them for the dry cleaner. As most of you know, dry cleaning bills can add up pretty quickly between the shirts and suits you drop them off for cleaning every week. Before I give you my list of what not to eat in your car, let’s set some ground rules. If you are ...

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Beneficiary Designations for your IRA

What Beneficiary Designations mean and why they matter… For most people, “estate planning” means drafting documents (such as a Last Will and Testament) that makes sure that your property is managed and distributed according to your wishes.  Drafting documents is the foundation of estate planning, but people who own retirement accounts, life insurance or other assets with beneficiary designations must go one step further.  When you die, the assets in your estate generally fall into one of two categories: probate property or non-probate property.  Probate property is governed by your Last Will and Testament.  Non-probate property, however, passes outside of your Will, and generally passes to a beneficiary named by you when the account or contract was opened. The most common examples of non-probate property are your IRA, 401(k) or life insurance.  These types of assets are non-probate property because they are paid to beneficiaries pursuant to a contract that you create when you open the account or purchase the ...

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