Where Should You Be Investing In 2019?

As 2018 comes to a close, most of you will be more than happy to wipe away the last three months of stock market woes.  With interest rates sure to climb up more in 2019, uncertainty with the China trade wars, and a looming national debt, it has many investors wondering where the best place is to put your money in 2019.  While nobody can predict the future, it’s important to review how you are investing your money relative to your goals, objectives, time frames, risk tolerances, tax brackets, etc. In 2018, we saw far too many people who were older and had too much money in the stock market.  It’s important to remember to ‘act your age’ and in general you should look at the rule of 100.  If you are 60 years old, roughly 60 percent of your portfolio should be in safer more secure type investments and 40 percent in equity or investments that carry more risk.  ...

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Keep Your Golf Costs Down

About 18 months, I took up the sport of golf after 20 years of saying I just didn’t have the time to play the game.    I was probably avoiding playing so I wasn’t completely embarrassed the first time I teed the ball up only to hit a ground ball that barely made it past the ladies tees.   Everyone says golf is an expensive sport, and they weren’t kidding.  Between clubs, balls, clothes, gadgets, greens fees, and (country club dues for some) it can cost you a pretty penny to play this frustrating sport.  So, what can you do to keep your costs down? Golf Balls– Let’s face it, for most of you playing with Titleist Prov V-1 ball isn’t going to improve you game at all.   People who are actually good at golf will get you all excited that this ball is going to help you hit further and straighter, but you still have to be able to swing the ...

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Craigslist Shopping – Money Saving Tips by Cristina Briboneria

It’s important that you have someone there to help you determine if what you want is something you should purchase at the store or on Craigslist so that you know you’ve made the right financial decisions. Click here to Visit or Call Oxygen Financial at 678-551-7955 for a consultation to learn more so you don’t feel overwhelmed while you’re shopping online! Happy hunting!! ...

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