Should I Make A 13 Year Old Get A Job?

My oldest daughter is just about to turn 13, and I can’t believe she is a teenager already.   As I always have money and personal finances on my mind, I kept thinking SHOULD I MAKE MY 13 YEAR OLD GET A JOB?     When I was a kid growing up in New Jersey we raked lawns, shoveled snow, babysat, and walked the neighbor’s dogs.   Anything that it took to earn a few bucks so you could get that pack of baseball cards, new comic book, or save enough money to get a video game for your Atari system.  Certainly there is no game combat on your Wii gaming system today. In today’s culture kids have pretty unrealistic expectations about money and bills.  Pay for the $39 a month cell phone bill, get me an i pod so I can listen to the latest tunes, or give me $20 bucks so I can see a movie and get some popcorn with my ...

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