35 Billion Ways to not be Jeff Bezos

You might have seen recently that the King of Amazon, Jeff Bezos got into some trouble and ended up in divorce.  While the details of the settlement are not disclosed, it looks like he did not have his wealth in a trust.  And all of his Amazon shares seems to be in his personal name.  This means his ex-wife is going to end up with around $35 Billion.  But don’t cry too much for Jeff, he should still be worth over $100 Billion when it’s done.  His mistress has now announced she is also getting divorced, so you know Jeff will be making some post-divorce moves before he ties the knot again. While you might not have billions on the line, here are a few things you should do after a divorce. 1. Check Your Beneficiaries– Most people list the beneficiaries on their 401(k), IRA’s, and insurance policies when they set up the accounts and forget all about them.  While ...

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