The Year Of Two Black Fridays?

Every calendar year, the two major holidays of Christmas and Hanukkah confront us for planning our gift giving and family gatherings.    Usually, these holidays fall fairly close together in the month of December, as retailers get ready for the biggest part of the shopping year. However, just like the infrequency of total solar eclipses, sometimes the calendars don’t fall on the same cycles and Hanukkah can begin in the month of November.    This year, Hanukkah begins on the evening of Wednesday, November 27th with the first full day of Hanukkah on Thanksgiving.  The last time that happened was 1918. So, what does this mean Black Friday shoppers? For followers of Judaism, Hanukkah is an extended holiday lasting 8 nights.   The modern tradition for gift giving is to partake in a new gift each and every night.   This means as soon as Halloween costumes have been put back in the closet or thrown away in the trash, followers of Judaism will ...

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Gobble. Gobble. Corporations Ate All Of The Dessert During Thanksgiving And Want More

The last several years I wrote posts about Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but with retail stores now officially opening this year right after Thanksgiving dinner I say enough is enough.   I’m all for working hard.  In fact, some say I may have a slight workaholic problem with my personal computer acting as an adopted child in my family.   However, Thanksgiving is truly one of those traditions that I think was meant to be spent with you and your family watching football games, carving up turkey, and sparking up a great evening fire.    Although not much could seem worse than being relegated to the fold out card table, what IS even worse is that many stores like Target and Wal-Mart opened their doors yesterday evening before the clock struck midnight. I worked for a Fortune 500 corporation for more than 16 years.    It took me a while during my career to understand this concept, but corporations by nature have an ...

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Is Black Friday The Best Day To Buy A Car?

Is Black Friday The Best Day To Buy A Car? Black Friday has always been know as the day to get deals on toys, appliances, electronics, and clothing items. Could 2009 be the year of the car? I have attached a great link to an article you should read if you are in the market for a new ride. ...

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