What Fantasy Football Can Teach You About Diversification (or Your Financial Plan)

The football season is upon us again here as the fall rolls around and neighborhoods and workplaces are buzzing with Fantasy Football fever.  The Fantasy Trade Sports Association commented that the Fantasy Football market is more than a 70 billion dollar industry today and growing.   With so many people joining multiple leagues, what can this popular game teach us about how we manage our portfolios and diversify our assets. Do Your Homework? It’s shocking how many people don’t know what they own in their 401(k), IRA, or their brokerage accounts.  You may have purchased a target fund or some growth and income fund, but you don’t actually know what you own.   Moreover, you may not understand the risks on how much you could gain in one year or how much you could potentially lose in one year.  It’s important to read the prospectus before you invest, look at the track record of the investment you will be making, and learn ...

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How about a little FIRE in your phone? Cellfire.com

One great website I found and use is called www.cellfire.com. It is a really cool digital coupon site that works geographically based upon your zip code. Once you have downloaded the program from the internet, all you have to do is show the cashier the coupons, and it is easy as that. Locally, large chains such as Kroger grocery stores and Hollywood Video are participants of the program. In your area, there may be other local vendors that are on the network. ...

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Could Your Blackberry Make You Money?

Could your Blackberry or iPhone actually save you money? Whatever type of PDA device you use, there are more and more websites out there now that give you ability to download coupons right into your phone. Two of the web sites I wanted to mention you should take a look at if you are trying to save money overall while you are going out shopping is... ...

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