Entrepreneur Series – Lesson 9 – Execution

I remember growing my career in management with a large Fortune 500 company when my Executive Vice President told me something one day.   He said, “Ted, execution is the one thing that separates the good from the great.  Let me put it to you this way.   If you don’t execute, you’ll be executed.”   I guess it’s hard to forget that, but it still rings true in my mind today.   Some of the best leaders and managers in business don’t achieve peak results because they simply don’t execute the plan. If you like to read, I highly recommend that you pick up a book written by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan called Execution.  There is a wealth of knowledge in this book about execution, and how to be very successful at getting things done.    Here are three mistakes new entrepreneurs make when it comes to execution. Changing the plan too often– One of the sayings I love is that focus beats ...

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The Technology Sabbath

I’m not really sure sometimes that all the technology we have has made everything so much better.    When you walk through the mall most people don’t make eye contact because they are looking down at their smart phone.   Well, nice to meet you as well.    If you look around the dinner tables at these casual fare restaurants, usually one or two people aren’t even engaged in the conversation because they are engrossed in a texting conversation.  Well, those must be some interesting dinner conversations.   Each time the phone buzzes on the tables, it creates a Pavlovian reaction that makes us salivate to see what it is in your e-mail.  Well, just pick up the phone every time is calls your name.   When do we need a relief from technology? There’s been a lot of debate recently on how much technology is too much technology.    It made me think about how many evenings I’ve got my laptop open, my smart phone ...

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