Five Money Moves To Make If You Are Buying Or Selling A Home In 2018

With interest rates creeping up and home sites being built by the droves, many people are wondering what they should do on both the buying a selling side here in 2018.  Is it too late to buy home?  What interest rate is too much? How can I sell my home quickly? What other factors should I watch out for with my real estate?  Here are five money tips on buying and selling homes for the rest of 2018. This Is The Law Of Supply and Demand Supply is shrinking amongst great demand – Remember, real estate is always driven by supply and demand. Depending on where you live, you may want to wait for the bubble to burst before you buy or look for areas in your city that are still gentrifying and try to buy before the big uptick happens in those areas. Monthly Supply of houses is at the bottom range – Monthly housing supply is at five ...

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Should I Lend Money To A Friend?

A late night call comes in from an old college friend of yours who now lives miles away.   You spend an hour on the phone reminiscing about the good old days in the fraternity, and then your buddy hits you up with a question that comes out of left field.  “I’ve kind of hit a tough patch in life and I know things have gone well for you in your business career.  Do you think you could loan me $10,000 for just a short period of time?”   He goes on to tell you that he’s got a new job lined up and things are starting to turn the corner so he shouldn’t need the money long.    How’s this for a tough situation?   Let’s be honest (having seen this a million times), if you loan money to a friend or family member and everything is informal and off the cuff you should NEVER expect to see that money back.  Consider it ...

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