The Drug Of Buying ‘Stuff’

The weather is warm and in the United States we are about to start enjoying some of the national pastimes of our country.   We love things like baseball, apple pie, the 4th of July, and grilling out in our backyards.    Oh yeah, and we also LOVE spending money.    In recent years, I’ve noticed that spending is more than just making a purchase here and there.  It’s almost a ‘crack’ like addiction, whether you wait for that Amazon package at the door or to take a photo of your tricked out new ride to post up on Facebook.   Like it or not, many Americans are addicted to the drug of buying ‘stuff’.    Why is this and how can you get your patterns changed on the home front? It seems pretty apparent that ease of access to drugs can make a user want more of them.  In our spending patterns, the ease of credit, access to our cash, and online transactions with ...

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Does paying cash matter?

I wrote a recent article about not becoming a slave to your possessions.   It made be begin to ponder the question about what kind of impact paying with cash only would make on your financial future if that was the only methodology you had to buy new things.   In the past six months, I have been testing this exercise by going through some stretches of time taking out cash only and making it the main form of buying day to day items.    I’ve always been a fan in the past of using credit cards to get frequent flier miles and floating your cash if you had the financial means to be able to pay off that bill each and every month.   However, I’ve begun to consider the real impact paying with cash has on how you think about the purchases you make.   Here are three reasons why paying cash might matter: It feels real because it is real – Credit ...

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Procrastinators Beware! Listen Up!

Procrastinators:  Listen Up! A big enabler of perpetual procrastination is what I like to call, “Southern Hospitality Syndrome.” Simply put, this is when you have a habit of being kinder to others than you care to be toward yourself.  It sounds like the epitome of “nice” and the opposite of “selfish,” but if this syndrome sounds uncomfortably familiar, it may be seriously contributing to your procrastination. If you have Southern Hospitality Syndrome, you are probably keeping commitments to others while ignoring or compromising commitments to yourself.  After a while, letting yourself down in this manner will begin to compromise your self-care, self-esteem and self-worth – and may leave you hopeless to change or downright depressed.  How? Let’s say that you and I were scheduled for a lunch date and I couldn’t make it.  What would I do?   Call you up and reschedule, of course!  If I did nothing at all…never called, never acknowledged it…just blew off the whole thing, what ...

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