What Is A Financial Bubble?

A lot of clients ask me: When is the bubble going to pop? What is the next bubble on the horizon? How do we prepare for the next bubble? My question back to them is always: Do you know what a bubble is and how it works? A bubble, in the financial and economic sense, is a fast rise in an asset’s price followed by a contraction. Bubbles typically happen when the price of an asset is not justified by the asset itself but rather by the over-exuberant behavior of investors. When there are no more investors willing to pay the overinflated price, people panic and sell and the bubble bursts. We have seen countless examples of this over decades of economic events in the United States. Heck, even in the last 15 years we’ve seen multiple bubbles. 2005: An asset bubble occurred in real estate. Hedge fund managers created a huge demand for credit default swaps that insured mortgage-backed ...

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