If you build it, will they REALLY come

We all know the iconic line from Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams “If you build it, they will come”.  It was actually “…he will come”, but the business world has taken that line and transformed it to mean that no matter what you build, people will use it or pay for it.  As James Earl Jones said “…they most certainly will come”.  But will they REALLY. This business advice can be disastrous for entrepreneurs, as they cannot just create a product and hope it sells.   It is still very important to engage your customers for feedback.  The more important statement should be “who are we building this for?”. Here are a few things to think about for your next startup. Your idea is not a secret:  The secret formula to Coke is one thing, but ideas are different.  Don’t guard the idea like a national secret.  Circulate it to see if it is valuable and get some validation to ...

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Down Payment Vs Invest The Difference

While 30-year mortgage rates are not at the lows of 3% we saw in 2012, mid to low 4% rate are still really good. It is very tempting to make a small down payment and use the difference in an investment with a higher potential for return. If you only make a 5% down payment instead of a 20%, you will pay thousands in extra interest and PMI insurance. Plus, beating your 4% cost of funds is no slam dunk. Making a larger down payment will ensure that you your return on money is equal to your mortgage rate and will give you a small monthly mortgage payment, leaving you free to invest the extra cash or hang on to it for everyday expenses. Making additional principal payments on your mortgage can save you thousands in interest and pay off that loan quicker. It’s hard to put a return on investment by becoming mortgage free, but taking the weight off ...

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5 Ways For Women To Build Confidence

So I know what you are about to say.  What does a 44 year old guy know about women building confidence.  I’m not about to tell you that I know the secret of women, but I thought I would attempt to list some things women can do to build confidence.  After reading  from the book The Confidence Code by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, I picked up these 5 ways woman can build confidence: You don’t have to make things perfect, so stop tinkering You have to keep moving forward and tinkering takes time.  Even if you are wrong, failing fast can reduce the time going down blind alleys. Leave your comfort zone Try something you thought you’d never be good at.  The old saying  “What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger” is so true. Take credit for your successes Don’t just brush off a compliment, accept it.  Use it to give your next step confidence. Give rid of ...

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