Why HBO Should Teach John Oliver About Money

Last week on HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, John Oliver thought he would get cute and tell you why you are getting screwed by Financial Advisors. http://bit.ly/25Ytdwj I have attached the article if you want to see what sage advice he attempted to give you. It’s ironic as I just completed 25 years of doing this as a profession and continue to witness the misinformation and disinformation that goes on within the financial services industry. Every person with a laptop and a blog can tell you about the right way to manage their money. Talk show hosts are more than interviewers today. They see their shows as a podium to help influence political, social and financial change across our country. Oliver’s comedic commentary has been credited with helping influence US legislation, regulations, court rulings and other aspects of US culture, which has been dubbed “The John Oliver Effect.” This came from the show’s fifth episode, which focused on ...

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Be a Tax Pro! Part II: 5 MORE ways to cut your 2011 personal income taxes

Here are 5 MORE ways to cut your 2011 personal income taxes like a tax pro: 1. Homeowners – accelerate your tax deductible expenses.  Pay your January 2012 mortgage payment and property taxes before December 31, 2011.  You can write off the interest and taxes in 2011.    2.Take advantage of the 0% tax rate on long-term capital gains and dividends.  If you can keep yourself below the 25% income tax bracket, the profits on assets owned for more than a year and dividends are tax free. 3. Use tax credits to mitigate state income tax liabilities.  There are various tax credits that can be used to avoid some or all state income tax.  Some can be generated by a business, some can be purchased, and some are based on taking an action that is supported by the government.  4.Pay your state income taxes early.  Estimate your state income tax liability to the best of your ability and pay it on ...

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