Buying a House Might Not be a Great Investment

For most of us, owning a home will be the biggest investment you have.  But is it really a good investment, or is it just a place to lay our heads at night?   You have to live somewhere, and as I like to say, “you can’t take a brick out of your house to put food on the table.”  Many people hold the belief that a house is a good investment.  And I agree it is a worthy goal.  But the desire for owning bigger houses is widespread, especially among high income earners.  So, let’s explore the numbers by looking at the S&P Shiller 20-City Composite Home Price Index.  Over the last 10 years after the recession, the annual return of the index is 4.21%.  If you go further back to 2000 to include the Real Estate run up and bubble, the annual return is only 4.11%.  In comparison, the S&P500 over the last 10 years averaged 10.99%. You might ...

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Why Buying a New Car Makes No Financial Sense

My father loved new cars. He loved the look of them, the feel of them, and even the new-car smell. There is something glamorous and glitzy about parading a new car through your neighborhood to impress your friends. Every three to four years, my mother and father would go out and purchase a brand-new automobile. But there is nothing sparkling about buying an investment that will surely lose you money–no matter how much you convince yourself that it makes sense. As a child, you don’t really consider financial matters such as depreciation and how a purchase can be one of the worst things you can do to your family budget. But what if I was to tell you that you should give me $70,000 and within two years it will be worth $45,000? Would you invest your money in that kind of asset class? No matter how much the car may boost up your ego or social status, it simply ...

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Advice From A Jeweler On Buying The Engagement Ring

Congratulations on your decision to formalize your relationship. Studies show that married people are happier and live longer, so you’re on the right track. First, allow yourself enough time to think through and understand all the new information that you will be involved with in your search for the perfect diamond ring. One of your first decisions will be to decide whether to surprise her with a ring or shop together. That will depend on your relationship. There are advantages and disadvantages in each case. A good middle ground and one that will keep you in budget is to let her pick out the engagement ring mounting and you come back to select the diamond. The most important thing is to make the occasion a romantic one to remember. There are many factors to consider: the shape of the diamond, the size versus quality of the diamond, deciding on white gold or platinum or yellow gold or a combination of ...

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