Entrepreneur Series Lesson 1: Being Undercapitalized

It’s always exciting to think about the idea of having your own new start up. You hear about stories where entrepreneurs started with just $300 and a cardboard box and then turned their business into millions. In reality, having worked with many types of business owners, the first mistake made by most is simply not having enough capital or access to capital while growing your business. Undercapitalization really involves the language used when a person cannot sufficiently fund their business venture. An idea alone will not lead to business success. This lack of capitalization not only includes the initial outlay to get the business up and going, but really miscalculating the operating expenses in the business—especially in the first year of operation. Here are three smart things to be thinking about so your new entrepreneurial venture doesn’t fall short financially. Lines Of Credit. Whether it is a true banking relationship or you have set up an arrangement with family and friends, ...

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