If Time Equals Money You Better Know How To Uncheck A Box

The names of two very famous magazines are front and center on the racks of grocery and book stores all across the country.  Those two names are Time Magazine and Money Magazine.   As I’ve learned over the years, time and money are two really interchangeable parts and it is usually tough to have to both at the same time.   In a famous Eagles song they sing, “You can spend all of your time making money, or spend all of your money making time”. With the proliferation of the internet, we are often encouraged to sign up for services with different companies on line that are supposed to offer us services or deals that can save us time or money.  These range from our MP3 players to coupon sites to the colleges we attended. If you are like me, many days I open my e-mail and wonder how I got on the newsletter list which sits in my e-mail box that ...

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Focus on the purchase price . . . not the payment.

The other day, my mom called me up from New Jersey and she was shopping for a car. She told me over the phone what she thought was she could afford on a monthly basis for a payment. That’s when I stopped her and said, “Never tell the dealership what you want your monthly payment to be when you negotiate a car price.” If you talk about monthly payments at the car dealer, that is when you get yourself in a trap. ...

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