How To Save $1,000 Fast

How many times have you told yourself, “If I just had an extra thousand dollars in my pocket I would . . . .” in your life?   There are many things that we would like to purchase month to month or year to year if only that little bit of extra cash was in our pockets.  I discuss a lot of different techniques to make money or save money in the your smart money moves blog, but now let’s talk about a few ways to get cash quick in your pocket.   If you need $1,000 bucks for something you want to buy, a vacation you want to take, or to make an investment that needs to be done now, here are eight ways to save $1,000 fast. Sell Your Stuff– Whether you do this through a garage sale, you take it on Craigslist, odds are that you have items in your house that you just don’t want or need anymore.  ...

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10 Quick Ideas To Lower Your Commuter Costs

With gas prices back on the climb again, now may be a good time to revisit ways to increase your bottom line by cutting your overall commuter costs. According to Citi’s ThankYou Premier Commuter Index released recently, workers spend about 200 hours annually at a cost of nearly $2,600 on their daily commute.   That breaks down to an average amount of $10 a day.   We often think in Atlanta we have the worst traffic in the country, but New Yorkers still rule with an average commute of 73 minutes. Here are 10 ideas to lower your commuter costs: Go Electric During The Weekdays- With state and federal credits still available for purchasing an electric car, if your range is not more than 80 to 100 miles there are great options for a fairly low cost electric car. Get Productive- What? You mean make money?  That would be a neat trick, but I mean learn some new skills.  If your average ...

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All I Want For Back To School Is My Trapper Keeper

It’s officially back-to-school time in the state of Georgia which means polishing up the old routine of making lunches, doing homework, and the frantic mornings of getting everyone on the bus or into the carpool on time.    It is also that time of the year where you are going to begin stocking up on school supplies if you haven’t it done so already.  All I can remember from my childhood and teen years was my mom taking me to the local K-Mart to pick up a few Bic pens, some No. 2 Ticonderoga pencils, and my color coded Trapper Keeper to organize my classes.   Nowadays we’ve got an entirely different routine with school systems providing lists instructing us to practically buy an entire shopping cart of school supplies. This year, my two middle school children have lists both in excess of thirty items that were ‘necessary’ for them to get.   It seems every year the list gets larger and larger.  ...

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