A Short Sale Can Be the Answer You Are Searching For

If you choose to do nothing when effort is required, expect gravity to pull you under.  ~ Rhonda Duffy When you have a predicament that has come upon you either by your choice or not, you must take action to get to the best possible outcome as quickly as possible. Many homeowners are finding themselves in a predicament with their mortgage liability.  They have suffered hardships ranging from job loss, divorce, death and even being severely upside down in the property’s value.  With the rise of the hardships in place versus the hardships disappearing, home sellers must take action as quickly as possible to have options that offer them recovery as quickly as possible. There are solutions available that dissolve the debt owed to the mortgage holder.  The first of the solutions is a short sale that removes the debt owed with a satisfaction of mortgage with no money needed at closing from the seller.  After finding a buyer for ...

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Consequences of Unfiled Taxes and What to Do Now

Despite common belief, filing unfiled tax returns regardless of how many years have passed is not as scary as it may sound. Do not be deterred from doing so even if you do not currently have the funds to pay for the taxes. In fact, not filing your taxes at all can often have greater penalties and be more detrimental to your financial situation than being unable to pay. Ultimately, the faster you file your taxes the better. In this case the phrase, ‘better now than never,’ could not reign more true. Penalties for Unfiled Tax Returns While many people avoid filing their tax returns because they are unable to fulfill the payments, the penalties and added fees are far worse for not filing at all versus being unable to pay. In best case scenarios, you may even be due a refund without realizing. Keep in mind, the IRS will no longer honor this after a certain period of time. ...

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