Five Things I Bought But Never Used

Are you one of those people that like to buy stuff all the time?    The kind of person who has a mild addiction to the internet like you were opening presents on Christmas day?   As much enjoyment as you might get from receiving new packages to open at home, you’ll realize years later that some items you buy you just simply never use.    Here are five that I bought over the years that I never used.  I Pod Knock Offs– I was on one of those Deal Of The Day websites when I noticed a sale for $4.99 for what looked to be I-Pods.    The site didn’t say they were I-Pods, but they looked identical in nature to the I-Pod.   Somehow, I thought I would use these stockings stuffers or neat little giveaways.    So I bought 10 of them.   When the packaged arrived, the directions were all is some foreign languages, the boxes were half cracked, and all of sudden ...

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5 Smart Financial Moves To Start The New Year Off With A Bang

The holiday season brought snow on Christmas Day to the state of Georgia along with some relief around tax breaks that helped both the wealthy and the unemployed. It seemed like everyone’s stocking got a gift or two, but the reality of all these tax breaks will sneak up on us a few years from now. As the New Year gets kicked off, there are some key things you want to be taking action on in respect to your overall financial plan. Rates will not stay low forever – If you have the situation where you can afford to buy a piece of real estate or potentially refinance your home, this would be the time to take advantage of doing that if you haven’t jumped on the wagon already. If you have an adjustable rate mortgage, you should consider getting that locked into some type of fixed rate program. If you cannot refinance and are stuck with a higher interest ...

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